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Legacy App Support

Support, Modernize, or Rewrite Custom Systems that Run Your Business

Custom application development is often the best solution to solving unique challenges in your company’s business requirements. Unfortunately, the following issues often leave companies stuck with aging software that is both critical to operation and in need of modification to fulfill the needs of the business:
  • Shortages of experienced in-house development staff to address support requests
  • Lack of expertise in new technologies needed to upgrade or rewrite custom software
  • Uncertainty on improving performance or scale with current infrastructure or code restrictions
  • Need to reduce cost of hardware, licensing, or support on aging infrastructure
  • Changing personnel or vendors with knowledge of legacy systems

Do these development issues resonate with you?

Aptera’s custom application developers are not only experts in greenfield development, but in helping to support, modernize, and even rewrite custom applications that you rely on to run your business. We’ll help you address ongoing enhancement requests, changing infrastructure needs, or total redevelopment initiatives while maintaining existing functionality to minimize or eliminate downtime.


Aptera engages with new partners to smoothly onboard client software and steer them to the most business-appropriate solution to the issues above. We then address legacy application needs in the following ways:

  • Evaluate and Prioritize Needs

    Our team will begin by engaging from a “why” perspective, reviewing any known requests for enhancement while discovering opportunity through discussion with system users or stakeholders. This will allow us to create a backlog of potential initiatives and work with you to prioritize those initiatives according to business value and impact.

  • Assess Legacy Code and Dependencies

    Before tackling any of the needs identified, Aptera will engage appropriate architects from its web, software, data, and infrastructure teams to assess current in-use applications, supporting infrastructure, and dependent systems. Each of these components will be documented for reference and the application itself assessed for opportunities to improve function, security, and scalability where appropriate.

  • Onboarding Resources

    With potential work defined, tasks prioritized, and dependencies identified, Aptera will form a team of in-house developers and support staff to start repairing, modifying, and enhancing your application. We can operate in a turnkey manner, including you in business planning and testing activities. We can also work in a more collaborative staff augmentation style, joining existing teams within your organization to move work faster or add expertise in specialized areas.

  • Re-Write Evaluation

    If a re-write is deemed imminent, either during initial engagement with us or after a period of support for the existing software, Aptera will ensure that a migration plan is established. Continuity of delivering products and services from your company and ensuring that end users can still perform tasks is critical, as is proper preparation for training, support, and parallel use of any new system. We can help your business roadmap the transition to new or replacement software, so you'll have a clear picture of the solution from start to finish.

Ways To Engage


Do you have existing software that needs to be replaced by a custom solution while retaining the function of the old? We can take on the development and ensure the transition to a new system goes smoothly.


Do you have a system that needs maintenance, upgrades, or enhancements, but you lack the resource bandwidth or expertise to keep up? Let us meet your users’ needs.


Do you have new requirements that demand new modules or functionality for your existing systems? We’ll meet the requirements while minimizing downtime or regression.

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