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Automated Testing Training

Learn Automated Testing Principles with Our Hands-On Training Course

Is your team ready to start integrating automated UI testing into their development process? Aptera’s automated testing training will help your team master the principles of automated testing, gain confidence in writing their own tests, and guide you as you begin to put those concepts into practice. Aptera’s trainers use a coaching-style approach that lets your team dig in and really practice with the concepts. We also offer a follow-up assessment after the training is complete to answer questions and make sure that your team is still comfortable with their new processes.

Aptera's 3-Step Training Method

Instructor-Led Workshops

The first step in our training process is a classroom session to go over all the basic concepts of automated UI testing that will be put into action in the next step of the process. These lessons are geared toward QA engineers with experience coding and software developers. Classes cover automated testing use cases, coding practices, and a tool review and are a 60/40 spilt of lecture and hands-on katas coding.

Hands-On Training

Next, our trainer will start working hands-on with your team to make sure everyone has a mastery of the concepts learned in the first workshop. We’ll come on site to your business, take one of your project’s actual code and work along with you for a development sprint. Along the way, we’ll lead pair and mob programming sessions to increase the competency of the entire team. Throughout this process, the team will focus on completing work items in a backlog and our engineer will focus on the setup and configuration of a testing pipeline for your company.

Post-Training Assessment

To help ensure the success of your new processes, the Aptera team offers retrospective assessments a few months after your training is complete. Our trainer will be on hand to answer any questions you might have, conduct team member interviews, review code, and facilitate a team retrospective. We’ll then provide recommendations based on our observations. This final step is optional, but recommended, as it helps teams further solidify new practices recently put into action.

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